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摘要:本文口语话题Part3范文:Describe a time you received something but not pay it,共有3题范文。范文内容描述详尽,用语非常地道,因此篇幅有点长,大家择要摘取观点即可。 9-12月的ag最大网赌平台|官方网站口语题库Part3部分话题范文已更新,各路烤鸭速速来收藏,与口语的新题旧恨,请在

   本文口语话题Part3范文:Describe a time you received something but not pay it,共有3题范文。范文内容描述详尽,用语非常地道,因此篇幅有点长,大家择要摘取观点即可。



  示例范文:Describe a time you received something but not pay it
  1. Do you like giving gifts? 你喜欢礼物吗?
  Oh, yes, I really enjoy gift-giving because it is a perfect way to strengthen bonds with others showing interest and appreciation, expressing gratitude or apology and just letting other people know that I care. I like to bring joy and pleasure to people raising a smile on their faces and fulfilling their small dreams. Even a little present can cheer a person up because it is love and care that matter but not the present itself.
  2. What gifts would parents give to children? 父母会给孩子哪些礼物?
  Well, I guess it, first of all, depends on the gender of a child and their preferences and needs. As far as I know, boys adore gadgets like smartphones and tablets, tech toys like different kinds of robots and, of course, radio controlled toys which are a great deal of fun to play with. They also enjoy getting toy cars, building and construction sets, different ride-ons and board games as presents. However, girls give more preference to something more creative and intimate like arts and crafts kits, collectible and plush toys as well as something, emphasizing their femininity like clothes, accessories and beauty gift sets. So, I guess parents would choose something from the list of gifts I mentioned.
  3. What factors do parents consider when choosing a gift for children? 父母在给孩子选礼物的时候会考虑哪些因素?
  Well, to my mind, the first factor parents take into account is the occasion. Keeping it in mind, they then set the budget and get to the next important factor which is the needs of their child. Thinking about the needs of the kid parents also think about their kids' likes and dislikes, their interests at that specific period of time, their habits and, of course, their dreams. Considering all of them, parents make their final choice usually balancing between what a child really wants and needs. I guess it happens this way, at least in the families with kids that I know.

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