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摘要:ag最大网赌平台|官方网站写作中有一些典型的失败案例,同学们需要避免但这种错误。通过下面这些案例,希望可以帮助同学在以后的考试中,能够更有信心。 见官死开头之一:主题表达不清晰 典型失败案例:Topic 1-Should college students be allowed to get married? This topic is very int



典型失败案例:Topic 1-Should college students be allowed to get married?

This topic is very interesting. I’m very interested in talking about thistopic. Because I’m also a college student and I’m not married……

修改方案:开门见山 直奔主题

In my opinion, it would not be a wise decision to allow college students toget married。

Topic 2-Will modern technology, such as the Internet, ever replace the bookor the writing word as the sole source of information? (ag最大网赌平台|官方网站真题)

Ok, this topic is a very good topic. First, let me tell you a story: I havea friend, he likes go on the internet very much. Every day, he uses internet toread news or play internet games. So we can see the internet is more and moreimportant in our daily life.

Topic 3-The importance of environmental protection

Oh, this topic is surely very important. Isn’t it? Of course! It’s reallyvery very important!


典型失败案例:Topic 1-The happiest moment in your life

In our life, there are always some moments which make your heart floweropened angrily……

Topic 2- The population problem

The population problem is a very big problem. For example, in the citycenters of Shanghai, we can always see people mountain people sea there.

Topic3- Is there fairness in today’s business world?

I think in today’s society, there is no fairness in the business world. Forexample, I always chopped when I go out buy things……

Topic 4- The advantage of being a nice person

Being a nice person have many advantage. I believe if a people always dobad things, he will get “baoying”.


典型失败案例: Topic-Should college students be allowed to get married?

I think this topic is very hard to say. Because I am still very little,only 17, and not married, so this topic is very difficult for me……


典型失败案例:Topic-It is said that nowadays one can not acquire thequalifications and quality essential to success through university education. Towhat extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? (ag最大网赌平台|官方网站真题)

I think to success, we must have a lot of important qualities. To havethese important qualities, we must learn a lot of things, for example, English,music tools, and etc. We can learn these qualities from our teachers, ourfriends and from books. All in all, we can learn from many places.


典型失败案例:Topic-If children behave badly, should their parents acceptresponsibility and also be punished? (ag最大网赌平台|官方网站真题)

About this problem, my think is if children behave badly, then parents arenot right. Because teach child is parent’s responsibility. So we also punishparents too besides children is also should.


典型失败案例:Topic-The importance of environmental protection

This issue is surely very important, let’s talk about it!

“见官死”开头之七:用词不当 表达不准

典型失败案例:Topic-Should college students be allowed to get married?

I think college students should not be allowed to get married because theyare very young and so we can’t take the responsibility to form a family.


典型失败案例:Topic-Your opinion on DINK families

My opinion on DINK families is that DINK families is not a good thing. Andit is a bad thing. It brings no benefits to our society and it is even sometimesharmful to our society.


典型失败案例:Topic 1-Is it good to have a large family?

I think it is good to have a large family. Because we Chinese believe asentence: “Many sons, many lucks”……

正确说法:Happiness lies in having many children

Topic 2 -Should we pretend to know everything or admit our ignorance?

We all know, our Chinese old fathers and grandfathers said: “Know is know,don’t know is don’t know”……

Topic 3- Do you think one’s character is greatly influenced by his/herfamily?

Chinese old words says very good: Dragon born dragon, phoenix born phoenix,rat’s son can make hole……

Topic 4- The advantage of being a nice person

I believe one sentence:“A good person is all life safe”. We Chinese peoplealways say: “Good has good pay, bad has bad pay”.

“见官死”开头之十: 观点武断 态度强硬

典型失败案例:Topic1-The importance of confidence

In my opinion, confidence is the most important thing for a person. All thesuccessful people in the world are full of confidence. While those people whodon’t have confidence, they all have failed.

Topic 2 - The solution to the traffic problem

I think to solve the traffic problem, very easy! For those who don’t obeythe traffic rules, we should put all of them into prison. If we do that, I’msure there will be no traffic problem any more. 

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