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  ag亚游娱乐平台官网|平台写作题目为:Some people think it is the best approach for students to learn if school start the day at a early time in the morning. But someone think the school should start the day at late time. Which one do you prefer? Use specific reasons and detailed examples to support your answer。下面大家一起来看看ag亚游娱乐平台官网|平台写作真题的分析及范文。
  Some people think it is the best approach for students to learn if school start the day at a early time in the morning. But someone think the school should start the day at late time. Which one do you prefer? Use specific reasons and detailed examples to support your answer.
  Many schools are planning to postpone the first class in the morning for less lateness and better educating quality. However, the schedule of late classes will cultivate students’ indolence, and pose many other negative effects. As a result, starting class late would not effectively reduce the rate of lateness and cannot secure the educating efficacy.
  Firstly, early classes in the morning will force the students to keep a disciplined life style. In order to attend the first class, students have to get up early in the morning. This habit brings many benefits. For example, young people will live a much healthier life. Keeping the schedule in mind, they would no longer dally at night before sleep, and save their time in the morning. Then, they can have a good rest in the evening and keep themselves energetic at daytime. Besides, they could also shape many of their excellent characteristics, like self-discipline or persistence. Leaving the cozy bed requires a powerful willpower when we start a new day, and doing this every day asks for a strong self-control. Both of these virtues are keys to success. And one of the well-known, Kobe Bryant, is a beneficiary of starting his day early in the morning. He once gave his secret to become the MVP in the basketball playground. It was his getting up early in the 4 AM that contributes him. In conclusion, both physical and psychological benefits can be gained by the disciplined life style led by the early classes.
  In addition, early start in the morning also leaves more extracurricular time for students. Earlier starting class generally results in earlier off-class. More spare time after class enables students to conduct other activities, such as further exploring in study, deepening their interests or doing some other activities. Those activities would help students to improve themselves. In spare time, students can do some practical experiments to apply knowledge into practice, which allow them to have in-depth understanding in knowledge learnt in class. Students would be also capable of learning instrument, painting or doing sports with abundant of time after class. Those extracurricular activities help students to achieve complete development. Obviously, earlier start in the morning means a longer day, providing more spare time for students to enrich their life and promote themselves in learning.
  Late classes, to a degree, may lower the absence rate at the beginning. This is because that students do not need to be hurry in the morning, especially for those who cannot get up early. In the long run, however, the original purpose cannot be realized effectively. The allowance of starting class later would indulge the bad habits of procrastination. Some students will tend to put off all tasks late at night, if they do not need to get up early. Staying up later would in turn make students get up later. This is a vicious circle. As a result, students’ biological clock will be re-adjusted, making it harder for them to get up on time. Therefore, the absence rate would be decreased again.
  In summary, compared to making classes late in the morning, starting the day early would bring many benefits in learning. Students would be able to maintain a healthy life physically and mentally, and to explore in study, all of which contribute to a higher quality of learning.
  In the contemporary society, the length of study time on the part of students has become one of the most hottly debated issue among the general public. When it comes to whether students should be required to arrive school at the early time in the morning, people’s notions may vary from one to another. In my eyes, starting school day at a late time is a better choice for the following reasons.
  To begin with, arriving school at the late time will ensure students have a good rest and thus contributes to the improvement of their study efficiency. As is common sense, the increasingly heavy study burden on the shoulder of students has squeezed their leisure time so much that their sleeping time cannot be guaranteed. As a result, with the implementation of starting school day in a late time, the quality of their rest will be improved, with the consequence that their attention will be more concentrated in class. On the contrary, shortening their rest time by requesting students begin class early will definitely produce a negative effect on their study. To be specific, it will be common to observe that students feel so sleepy as to have a short nap during the class.
  In addition, students who start school day in a late time will obviously avoid being stuck in traffic jam and thus have a better mood in the morning. Undoubtedly, under the drive of a cheerful frame of mind, children will raise their efficiency of study to a large extent. The experience of my cousin, Tom, can serve as a good example to shed some lights on the above reasoning. Tom, a student in a middle school of Beijing, used to be required to arrive school at 8 a.m. every morning in order to prepare better for the National Examination of College Admission. However, the problem is that according to the regulations of most companies, employees also have to start work at 8 a.m. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine that the subways, buses and taxis are crowded with people in the morning. According to Tom’s recounting, no one will feel good after such a experience, let alone immediately devoting him/herself to study.
  Taking what has been discussed into consideration, we can draw the conclusion that it is wise to require student to arrive school at a late time in the morining, in order to ensure the quality of their rest and develop a light heart.

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