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S1 What is the most important characteristics of a good work environment(when you choosing a career)? friendly co-workers, flexible hours, helpful boss or manager. Choose ONE of the characteristics and explain why you think it is important for a good work environment.

S1 Imagine that you are going to donate money to your community. Which of the following would you prefer to give the money to? an environmental group, the local library, an animal rescue center. Choose ONE of the three community organizations and explain how the money should be used.
S1 Your friend is a student at a business school. However, your friend loves music and wants to leave business school in order to study music at another university. What advice would you give your friend about this situation?
S1 Talk about the disadvantages of moving to a new place.
S1 Your school has just announced that students will no longer be allowed to bring personal computers into class. What are the advantages and disadvantages.
S2 Some people think in the future students will have classes on the internet, but some think students will still have class in traditional classroom buildings.
S2 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should always wear fashionable clothes.
S2 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Talking face-to-face to a person is usually a better way to communicate than by using E-mail or text messages. Use specific examples and details to support your opinion.
S2 Which one do you prefer: facing challenges by yourself, or getting  help from another person when you face a difficult situation.
S2 Some college students take classes during the summer. Others take the summer off from school so that they can rest or work at a job. Which do you think is better for students?
S2 Do you agree or disagree that bicycles will no longer be used in the future because they will be replaced by something modern.

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