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ag亚游娱乐平台官网|平台写作题目为:Some people like to study alone while other prefer to study in a group. Which one do you think is more effective。下面大家一起来看看ag亚游娱乐平台官网|平台写作真题的分析及范文。


Some people like to study alone while other prefer to study in a group. Which one do you think is more effective?
Educators and researchers have never stopped the examination of the importance and relevance of collaborative learning that are encouraged by middle schools. When compared with studying alone, I personally believe that it is far more beneficial to students when working in groups for the following reasons.
First off, working in a group finishing group projects can be very conducive for students since they can help students to study more effectively and get exposure in real-world issues. If teachers categorize students and organize them in small study groups, chances are that they would solve complex issues together, like research the history of the city, examine the water quality of the local town, so on and so forth. Students can develop critical thinking skills as well as learn to collect and analyze information from multiple sources. A recent study conducted by the University of Minnesota backed up the claim that study teams, collaborative learning and group projects are far more effective in helping students to develop useful skills than traditional teacher-led teaching approach. In fact, when learning in groups, students have to do some research about the topic they are expected to discuss beforehand, which helps them to clear up some misunderstandings and boast their enthusiasm of academic exploration.
Additionally, as the saying goes: “many hands make light work”, actually it remains as relevant today as it did a century ago. Working in groups has much deeper implications beyond students’ academic experience, to be more specific, it helps to develop skills like cooperation, organization and leadership. When learning in a group, every single student gets a chance to contribute their knowledge to the group, they can learn to appreciate the work of other simultaneously. What’s more, they have to work closely with others for the same goal otherwise they might not be able to compete with other study groups. More importantly, students will get exposure to distinctive perspectives and at the same time learn how to accept different points of view and find common ground in this process. Such an educational experience will not only be helpful for their future study but also beneficial to them when they have to deal with coworkers, clients, and teammates in a professional setting in the future. Numerous studies have shown that students who have prior experience working with others enjoy a better chance to be successful in their future career.
In conclusion, working together in a group has far more meaningful implications than working alone since collaborative learning helps students to learn much more effectively and develop important skills that are vital for their future study and career.

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